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Mobile IT Services to the Hills since 2017

Mobile IT Services to the Hills since 2017

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Websites are my passion as they encompass all elements of the tech world that I have been involved in over the last thirty five years. Building servers, computers and mobile phones to building systems on virtual platforms on the ‘cloud’. When times are quiet I invest time on research and development on hardware, software, backup and recovery, graphic design plus more.


I support the full website process, as such my capabilities are but not limited to the following:

Domain Name Registration

I can arrange for the transfer of an existing name or registration of a new name.

Website Hosting

There are tiered plans to cater to your budget and requirements.

Website Design

Pretty much no limits to this, we will work together from start to finish.

Business Name Email Addresses

These are available to compliment the operation of your business

Search Engine Optimisation

Really tweak that website for optimal performance, this can be done later

Why a Website ?

Invaluable and always-available resource for information.

Websites are also available and accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Customers and potential customers can visit your site for support or information about new and upcoming products and services whenever it is convenient for them.

Helps establish business credibility.

Most people just assume that you have a website.

Without one customers assume that you are a small company that does not take their business seriously.

Information repository for your easy referral.


Website Plans

All plans include start up Webdesign

Domain Name


  • Arrangement for transfer
  • Creation and Registration
  • Domain Name Fee

Plan 1


  • Number of pages3
  • Storage Space1GB
  • Secure WebsiteIncluded

Plan 2


  • Number of pages5
  • Storage Space3GB
  • Secure WebsiteIncluded
  • Plan Duration1 Year
  • Domain Name Renewal1-5 Years
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