Tumblr is a customizable social site that lets users effortlessly share anything that they want. Due to the fact that almost everything is sharable, it isn’t hard to imagine that there are currently over 235 million blogs that have churned out more than 144.7 billion posts.

Profile Picture: 128 x 128

tumblr profile image size

Although there is a profile photo associated with your Tumblr page, it doesn’t appear very frequently throughout the site. It will appear as a thumbnail adjacent to your posts within a follower’s feed.

The photo also appears next to the buttons to follow you on Tumblr when someone visits your page. Your profile photo will also appear somewhere on your Tumblr profile page. Whichever theme you choose is going to play a part in where the photo appears and its size.

Some brands choose a large image while others keep them subtler. Just make sure to mind the minimum and pick an image that fits not only your brand, but that also fits your page’s layout.

Image Guidelines

  • Minimum 128 x 128 pixels.
  • Image types include: JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP.

Image Posts: 500 x 750

tumblr image photo size

These are the posts that you send out to your followers that will also appear on your page. Due to the fact that Tumblr is so customizable and each theme is so different, not all people are going to want to post the same size photos.

Image Guidelines

  • Dash image sizes max at 1,280 x 1,920, and show in feeds at 500 x 750.
  • Images can’t exceed 10MB.
  • Animated GIFS must be under 3MB and max at 540 pixels (although some instances allow more width depending on GIF size).