TEAMCAVE Personal Computer Services

Providing low cost peace of mind to the home and small business with a professional and personal service. Mobile computer support and repair in the Perth Hills.


COMPUTER PROFESSIONAL with 35 years in the field

Registered Business ABN 50 158 988 761 and Insured.

Rick of TeamCave Personal Computer Services (TCPCS) has been supporting the Hills community in Western Australia since 2017.


I have opted to use this case as my standard for the small sized computer towers


This small minimal sized tower is my favorite.

Built from aluminium with a brushed finish

I am currently building one of these for use as a home entertainment centre


This is the standard size case.

There are other cases pending on your requirement and tastes

Building Custom Computers

I can cater for all requests, sourcing parts here in Western Australia, to keep our local suppliers going in these difficult times.

COMPONENTS and Choices

Registered Business ABN 50 158 988 761 and Insured.

I can advise on these if you are stuck on what you require.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

From the basic use processor upto the power beasts.


From 4GB up to the highest.


There is the tradition SATA Hard Drive.

Solid State Drive and the new M2 Drives

All available

THE HILLS Computer Builder

Having a reseller account with the states largest IT distributer, parts are not a problem

Official Parts

Western Digital, Kingston, Gigabyte, Intel, AMD plus more...

Great Looking Cases

From Full Towers down to Micro Towers.

Tidy Cabling

All cables neatly routed and secured.

Brushed Aluminium Minimal Case

Legal Software Installed

No dodgy downloads here, officially bought and licenced software.

Extras and Upgrades

Want more RAM, larger hard drive, solid sate hard drive. I can make it happen.

Tested for over 24hrs

I like to bench test all new builds to make sure you get a problem free product.


From time to time I have some refurbished computers available.

MOBILE Computer Support & Repair

Covering the Hills of Western Australia and Further.

Unable to drop off or pickup. NO PROBLEM I can do this.