Joining a Session

Open an internet browser, preferred browser is Google Chrome  

Found in your task bar or on your Windows menu 

Type this URL in the the browser URL windows at the top of the browser window.

Press Enter.

Click on the Remote Support button at the top right of the web page.


Click on this link which will open the TCPCS Remote Access Tool page

Enter the code given to you by TCPCS in the Enter Session ID box



Click on CONNECT

You will then be requested to download a small application that allows controlled access by you for TCPCS to access your computer.

Please note that when the session has ended the application is removed from your computer.

Now click on the Download buton

This may happen quickly at the bottom of your screen in the chrome broswer you will see the application downloading. Please note that you may not see this in other browsers. Please check their download area if this is the case.


Once downloaded the application will look like this




Then click on this application.

A Windows box may appear asking is you will allow the remote acces app to make changes to your device. Click Yes

A further box will open asking you to join the session (1) Click Join (2)


The session is now open.

Please note that this process is performed each and every time remote access is required.


Please enter the Session ID here.

Ending a Session

You may end a session at anytime by clicking the X in the top right corner of the Zoho Assist control box on your screen.

Then click ok in the End Session Box

You will then see an end of session summary box.

You can now close your browser and the application is removed.