Media Music PC


To build a desktop computer that can:

  • Store music files
  • Have an easy to use media player
  • Connect to the existing stereo system
  • Windows 7


This is a list of some of the actions I will be carrying out:

  • Install Windows 10 with the look and feel of Windows7
  • Use solid state M2.Sata drives (faster especially when converting)
  • Install the following software for music file administration.


It would be good to use a combo of the existing old parts from two machines however. they are all incompatible and some diagnosed as faulty. They faulty should be thrown away and the good kept as ‘spares’

  • Was given parts from 2 machines, however they are both of different hardware eras. The major parts are not cross compatible and the motherboard from the later one is faulty.
  • The processors are of different chipset so follows that the motherboards are the same.
  • The RAM is DDR3 and DDR2 not compatible.
  • The case does not have the USB3 – 3.1 -3.2 ports/ sockets so data transfer would take up to 10x longer when importing data off USB external drives.
  • There is no WiFi functionality so would need to use ethernet.



This customers was fairly lucky as I had just built a machine of which the buyer, due to unforeseen circumstances had to cancel. This mean’t this customer would be getting a below cost machine.

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