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TeamCave Personal Computer Services – Providing low cost peace of mind to the home and small business with a professional and personal service

Don't throw you computer away
Don't throw you computer away

Computer Professional with 35 years in the field


The current climate will prove challenging to all of us.

The need for computers may be an absolute must for most us.

Keeping in touch with relatives and colleagues through programs such as Facebook.

TeamCave Personal Computer Services will continue to support you all during this time.

I have already been and  are currently providing consultancy resulting in implementing remote access to office, home and cloud storage plus applications.


I can now accept payments on visits by using the popular ‘Square’ system, accepting

American Express




Apple Pay

Google Pay

What is TeamCave Personal Computer Services doing to mitigate risks to you the customer and itself?

Please do not be offended if:

    • I replace the traditional hand shake with a ‘fist pump’.
    • Wear a face mask.
    • Wear gloves when working on equipment.
    • Disinfect machines and myself.
    • If I ask whether yourself or a household member has just comeback from abroad.

By performing the above we are reducing the risk of contamination to ourselves and allowing me to provide continuing support to our communities in these trying times.

TeamCave Personal Computer Services

Rick of TeamCave Personal Computer Services (TCPCS) has been supporting the Hills community since 2017.

Providing low cost peace of mind to the home and small business with a professional and personal service.

Friendly and happy also willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that his customers and clients feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they are firstly friends and customers second.

I am always willing to listen to issues however big or small and then provide a solution which you are happy with. Loving a good chat too, it is always great to listen what you do or have done.

I have amassed a wealth of knowledge over 35 years in the industry that is now put to good use in ensuring that TCPCS becomes the No1. choice of support in the hills and beyond.

He has a base of returning customers that speaks volumes when it comes to trust, often advising other avenues when necessary to save people money when he can.  

I look forward to hearing from you and I’ll assist anyway I can.


Need to Access your files, computers, servers Remotely:

    • Office from Home
    • Home from Office
    • Onedrive
    • Sharepoint
    • GDrive
    • VPN

Setup cloud storage access:

    • On your Tablet
    • On your mobile
    • On your Computer
If you have office365, depending on your plan. Yiu may have this this service already just waiting to be configured.

The big baddie of them all, this creates massive uncertainty for residential and business customers. Where is my data? Who can access my data? Why should I use the ‘Cloud’ at all?

I can assist and help with:

Consultation service:

  • Answer your questions
  • What would be your options
  • Provide some suggestions that best suit you
  • Assist and/ or carry the implementations and setups and data migration

Typical areas for cloud use are:

  • Office 365
  • Storage
  • Applications

Lost, deleted or cannot find or access your:

  • Files
  • Pictures
  • Photographs
  • Music
  • Video
  • Documents
I can help you with this nightmare, you must address this as soon as you can or these files may be overwritten and the chances of recovery are reduced.

This is an area that is often neglected until disaster strikes. Would you know what to do on a regular basis? To stave off the computer becoming unusable. Some symptoms of a neglected and unmaintained computer, laptop are:

  • Running Slow
  • Software Issues
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Virus attack
  • Data corruption

I can help you either resolve the issues above if they are present and advise you on how tohelp prevent them happening them again. You may like other clients request I come back periodically to carry out a general service on your device. This may seem scarey on the pocket, but as with a car service there are different levels of service. However if this is performed on a regular basis then this can help stop a crisis from occurring.

This is an area of which I spend a lot of time developing my skills and knowledge, almost on a daily basis. Looking at ways to improve and develop new and exisiting sites. I use the latest technologies to constantly improve the look, feel and performance. Below are the main categories of site types with links to exisitng clients:

There are three main packages which cater for the different requests and requirements of clients from a base wesite upto and includign SEO and emails.

The packages are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Please contact me for what they include, these can also be tailored to include elements of each to create a package that is right for you.

TCPCS provides the complete solution for you, working with you all the way from concept to final delivered product.

I also include a discounted rate for my other services should you choose to take out a web package with TeamCave Personal Computer Services.

In my experience this is one of the most difficult areas of IT for a customer to try and resolve by themselves.

I can help with resolving and advising on:

  • WiFi Issues
  • Internet Issues
  • Modem/ Router Issues
  • Setting up a home network
  • Setting up a business network
  • Cable and/ or connection Issues
  • Data sockets

THIS IS AN INSURANCE POLICY you need to take out !!!

There are no boundaries here between corporate, business or residential, the impact is the same emotionally and financially.

Clients having lost their documents, music, pictures, photographs and videos the first time, generally will not let this happen again, ask friends, family, work colleagues that this has happened to.

This really can be a ‘Black hole’ in the IT world. It is one area that can range from the most simplest of solutions to the most complicated depending on:

  • What is to be backed up?

    • Databases
    • Files (pictures, music etc..)
    • Configuration Files
    • Computer images
  • Where should it be backed up to?

    • Onsite (local)
    • Offsite (remote)
  • How often should it be backed up. ?

    • Realtime
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
    • Or a combination of the above
  • How long should it be kept for ?

    • User decision
    • Period of Years (legal)
    • Indefinitely
  • What computer media should be used to store it on?

    • The Cloud
    • Local computer
    • External Hard Drives
    • DVD’s
    • USB Thumbdrives
    • Combination of the above

However employing the most basic and ‘cheapest’ solution could save your $

Believe me I do this for a living and have come across and experienced it all.

Backup is the copying by manual or automated task of selected Folders and files (data) should the ‘Live’ data be removed either accidentally or maliciously). It is wise to store this ‘backup’ on a separate device away from the original. There are exceptions to the rule.

Restore is the reverse of Backup but has to be used carefully. I have seen newer files and folders overwritten by older ones when the customer wanted only one file but restored the complete folder.

Archiving is the moving of data that is no longer required or would be accessed very occasionally. This data should be controlled carefully and access only give to parts that are actually required.

It is good practice to have a double or ‘Mirror’ of the backup, incase the data corrupts when used for a restore or the media fails.


Have you just bought or been given a new or used computer, laptop or tablet. You may need assistance in:

  • Setting up the new device
  • Removing and cleaning the old computer prior to selling or disposing of
  • Transferring your precious files from the old computer to the new one.
  • recovering data from a backup device such as an external USB onto the new device

Got a virus I can help Don’t know what protection you should have?

Don’t take my word for it read some testimonials

I would like to thank Rick Cave for his awesome effort in helping me out with designing, building and hosting my website setting up my emails and fixing our computers. Rick has been fantastic and It’s great to have someone real and honest. I would like to take this opportunity also to recommend Rick for anyone who needs a very experienced and quality I.T professional. thanks mate!!

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