Providing low cost peace of mind to the home & small business with a professional & personal service. 

Hills Mobile Computer Repair

TCPCS is Rebranding SOON !!!

TeamCave Personal Computers (TCPCS) were established 4 years this month back in 2017.
It has been hard work but rewarding, I never thought that you could get so much job satisfaction and joy working for yourself.

I am happy that this is now a solid and viable business, so much so that I now want to make a solid stand and go to the next stage.

I have learn’t so much and have met so many great and fantastic people on the journey and I’m happy to call you my friends first then my clients and customers. Without your trust and support, I simply would not have got this far.

So then ??? As you can see from the image my new logo is very ‘Hillsy’ biased and focused showing that I am the support in the hills. My commitment, drive and passion is so great that I sold my beautiful Holden Commodore SV6 ( Yes that gorgeous green one) to buy a Jeep 4×4 that is better suited to life out on the road and track supporting the hills folks.

Over the next month I am designing and getting new business cards (I do the whole deal myself, websites, graphic design, artwork and social media including SEO and Google presence – anyone want a website? 🙂  ) new work wear. Logos on the Jeep, Facebook is already created, the website is already created. Once I receive the postcard from Google with the verification Eastern Hills Computer Repairs (ECHR) will be there.

If I could ask that all visitors to this site now visit the new one  or click on the new business logo in this section.

By the way if anyone is worried, worry no further.

Eastern Hills Computer Repairs is owned and run by Rick (Me) a local hills person.

See you when you call 🙂


First hour is $80 (minimum of 1 hour). A charge of $20 every 15mins after the first hour

Weekends & Holidays

First hour is $90 (minimum of 1 hour). A charge of $22.50 every 15mins after the first hour


From $90

Small Business (SMB) Support

Negotiable Rates


This includes onsite attendance and pick and/ or drop off of equipment.

Office is Glen Forrest

As long as you have an internet connection I can connect to your computer to fix those annoying issues.

I use an industry standard remote access tool to achieve this. Takes seconds to install and is only valid for the duration of the call. It cannot be used again.

This allows me to react very quickly to your call either during working & silent hours plus weekends & holidays

TCPCS supplied services

Having performed and carried out telecommunication & IT roles in the Military, Telecommunications, Corporate & Small Business. The experience and training allows me as TCPCS to provide the following:

More Services

I can provide more services if not listed above.

Pulling your hair out, really stuck? No Problem give Rick a Call

Registered and Insured

If I don’t answer straight away I could be driving or attending a job. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thankyou